Banksville Shopping Center stores broken into Monday night.

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We received the call around 7:30 am from a neighboring store in the shopping center that our store along with a number of others in the Banksville Shopping Center had been broken into overnight. When we had shown up, Greenwich police were on the scene taking photographs, measurements and dusting for prints, it looked like a true CSI type scene. The police did say that there are people in custody they believe to be the thieves and that they were caught down in Rye NY. We are all waiting patiently to find out who the perps were (we happen to have them on our store’s surveillance system) but at the end of the day everyone here seems to have fared pretty well. Minimal damaged was done, only some broken glass, roughly $21 was stolen from our register and an empty safe was stolen but recovered.

Reference to the arrest in Rye, but as of now there is no “official” connection between the two men in the article and the two who broke into our stores in Banksville however, the time table suggests these are the two responsible.

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