Computer Emporium, LLC offers their clients a wide range of services including but not limited to:

  • Virus removals and tune-ups
  • Data backups and recoveries
  • Operating system upgrades and tweaks
  • Hardware diagnostics, repairs and upgrades
  • In home or office appointments
  • Remote computer access for diagnostics and repairs

Desktop computers are built in house and customized to fit your needs, whether it be a high-end gaming machine or a media center PC used to access the web and shared content right on your living room TV.

Laptops and netbooks are from brand name manufacturers like Dell, ASUS and Lenovo, we can also get any and all makes and models of laptops you may desire.

All computers sold through Computer Emporium do not come with any extra trial software or the now common “bloatware” you’ll find on computers sold by anyone else, just the things you need to get straight to work.


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